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DRiV serves as a catalyst for selecting and developing your talent and creating engaged teams and organizations. Contact us to discuss how we can help you create a driven organization.

DRiV Solutions

The best talent development starts with the best insights. After all, you must realize a need exists before you begin working on it. Give your leaders the insights they need to grow. What they do, why they do it, and what to do about it.

• Provide comprehensive leadership insights in a safe format

• Identify untapped strengths and uncover possible blind spots

• Develop actionable development plans to optimize engagement and performance

• Support leaders in preparing for critical job or career changes

Exceptional teamwork isn’t an art, it’s a science. Understanding what drives your team is critical to fully leveraging their diverse personalities, and ensuring they perform to their fullest potential.

• Understand individuals’ drivers, and what that means for the team

• Provide a safe way to have candid team discussions

• Optimize trust, clarity, healthy conflict, problem-solving, and more

• Monitor team dynamics and adapt leadership accordingly

DRiV-powered tools help you define, clarify, align, and strengthen your organizational culture – unleashing the power of your strategic culture for optimal business success.

• Identify psychological drivers behind organizational culture

• Measure what’s happening in your culture, now

• Determine core and strategic components of your culture

• Develop and implement a plan for aligning all aspects of culture

Hire for what drives your talent to increase performance, engagement, and retention. The team of experts at LWF Insights will leverage the power of the DRiV to create a custom, best-in-class tool designed to give you the predictive insights you need to elevate your talent pool.

• Optimize performance with valid predictions, calibrated to your context

• Manage risk and make fair, unbiased hiring decisions

• Increase retention with an integrated onboarding plan aligned with drivers

Individual development is great, but sometimes you need to help a group of leaders with similar opportunities. Leverage DRiV-powered tools at scale to identify broader development opportunities and deliver integrated development solutions.

• Identify development needs across your entire talent pool

• Leverage assessment insights for multiple solutions

• Deliver one-off or programmatic development solutions

• Common topics include: influence, problem-solving, self-awareness, resilience, developing others, time management, and career planning.

Featured DRiV Consultant:

Myranda S. Grahek, PhD

President & Executive Consultant

Myranda Grahek


Supporting Career Growth,
Imroving Self-Awareness

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Interested in adding DRiV to your tool-kit? Attend one of our world-class certification workshops to get started. In our two-day certification workshop, you will learn about the DRiV tool and how to understand how to interpret and provide feedback on the DRiV Leadership, 360, and Team reports. Our virtual certification course is taught by highly experienced experts in the field. Learn More

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