Driven Not Drained By Christopher Coultas, PhD and Leadership Worth Following

Proven tools to ignite your motivation for
career success, and to make you a better leader.

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By Christopher Coultas, PhD, and Leadership Worth Following, LLC.

“This smart, science-based and straightforward methodology by Dr. Coultas and Leadership Worth Following will change the way you approach work. If you are ready to transform from a self- draining job position to a role of leadership and fulfillment, this book reveals the keys you already own that will drive your career in the right direction.”

Kelli Carlson, SVP Workplace Experience – Wells Fargo

Game-Changing Self-Awareness with the DRiV™

Recent statistics suggest that more than 85 percent of people worldwide are disengaged from their jobs, and yet we spend almost half of our waking hours at work. Many of us start out feeling like we have made good choices for our careers, but over time, our energy flags. We want success. We want to achieve. But what keeps us from engaging wholeheartedly? What can we do to optimize our happiness, effectiveness, and influence in our careers?

“We spend way too much of our adult lives at work to not optimize it. Bringing less than our full, authentic selves is not just shortchanging employers. We’re stealing our own joy and potential,” says author Chris W. Coultas, PhD, leadership researcher, business psychologist, and leadership consultant. “We developed the DRiV – and wrote this book – to provide people with deep, actionable insights to help them get the most out of their careers.”

From Leadership Worth Following – makers of the revolutionary personality assessment the DRiV – Driven Not Drained offers a path to greater career fulfillment. It describes 28 qualities that motivate behavior — both what drives you and what drains you. Driven Not Drained describes these driving forces in depth, offering incisive action items targeted for each driver so you can create more job satisfaction and improve your performance. You will also discover several tips for working with and leading people through the lens of their own drivers and drainers.

Based on extensive, in-depth research, Driven Not Drained offers powerful tools for enhancing your self-awareness and capacity to work with and lead others. For leaders who want not only to stay engaged but to thrive – and to help their people do the same – Driven Not Drained is an invaluable development tool.

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About The Author

Christopher Coultas is the Vice President of Product Innovation and a Senior Leadership Consultant at Leadership Worth Following, LLC. He personifies the scientist-practitioner model in the fast-growing field of industrial-organizational psychology. As a scientist, his research has driven advancements in the fields of motivation, leadership, and coaching. As a practitioner, he helps leaders, teams, and organizations leverage psychological insights to optimize human capital. He has coached hundreds of leaders and dozens of teams on how to leverage enhanced self-awareness for optimal leadership impact.

His work on servant leadership and authenticity was awarded by the National Academy of Human Resources, and he is the 2020 winner of the Early Career Innovation Award from the Society of Consulting Psychology. Christopher has presented at numerous national conferences and is the author of several peer-reviewed publications. He also currently serves as the research domain head for Division 13 of APA, the Society of Consulting Psychology.

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