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Have you ever heard the saying “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”? The DRiV is a 20-minute psychological assessment that helps you tap into what is at the core of your passions and “what you love to do”. By applying the insights from the DRiV to your career journey, you will exponentially increase the likelihood of finding the path that allows you to engage your passions.

The DRiV is a 20-minute assessment that measures an individual’s motives, values, and habits- their drivers. By understanding what drives you and what drains you, you can begin to consider what careers may be a good fit for you. As you consider your career, you want to make sure you choose roles that are satisfying, that give you energy (on most days), that drive you. The DRiV can help you identify what kinds of activities you may find most motivating to you.

To learn more about using the DRiV for career exploration and development, contact a team member.



DRiV serves as a catalyst for selecting and developing your talent and creating engaged teams and organizations. To learn more about using the DRiV for career exploration and development, contact a team member:

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