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Three Strategies to Effectively Manage Conflict

I never fully understood how much of an influence my upbringing had on my adult life. I see my mom as my mentor. She has this assertiveness that I have always admired, and she wasn’t the type to keep her opinions to herself. Especially when it came to me, she was clear about her expectations […]

Three Ways to Improve Workplace Collaboration

Have you ever been part of a team that clicked? Such teams share an unspoken connection, as if members can read each other’s minds. If you’ve had the privilege of being part of such a team, consider yourself lucky. Why are these types of connections so difficult and rare? What sets these teams apart? Years […]

DRiV Workshop Builds Trust, Improves Collaboration

“We have used different HR assessments and tools in the past with our Central Division Leadership Team; we were looking for something different and unique,”

DRiV Workshop Strengthens HR Team

“After the DRiV workshop with our HR team, I came away with a deeper understanding of what drives and drains everyone,” says Chuck Watts, Human Resources Director with Commercial Metals Company (CMC) in Irving, Texas.

Three Strategies to Deeply Understanding Your Team

Have you ever found yourself working with someone who, for whatever reason, didn’t quite “get it”? Even small breakdowns in communication or understanding can quickly lead to frustration with your team.

Keep Your People & Discovering Your Brand Webinar

Learn how to maintain a productive and satisfied workplace. The best organizations understand their employee’s strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs. Robin Baker from Fairfax County and Hile Rutledge of OKA discuss how to leverage the DRiV assessment to discover these drivers in their teams.

Get DRiV Certified

The DRiV Certification workshop is a two-day experience equipping the coach with a strong foundation in the DRiV and the ability to fully leverage the DRiV Suite of Tools.

Get DRiV Certified

The DRiV Certification workshop is a two-day experience equipping the coach with a strong foundation in the DRiV and the ability to fully leverage the DRiV Suite of Tools.

Get DRiV Certified

The DRiV Certification workshop is a two-day experience equipping the coach with a strong foundation in the DRiV and the ability to fully leverage the DRiV Suite of Tools.

Get DRiV Certified

The DRiV Certification workshop is a two-day experience equipping the coach with a strong foundation in the DRiV and the ability to fully leverage the DRiV Suite of Tools.

Assessments 101: Choosing the Right Tool

As organizations and their leaders, including HR leaders, consider what assessments to leverage to help maximize their team member’s potential

Self-Awareness, Mental Health and Career Satisfaction

Mental health involves self-awareness and understanding yourself. What are your needs and wants?

Creating High-Performing Teams

A few years ago, Google was interested in understanding what could predict an effective team. If they could figure that out, they would improve the likelihood of creating high-performing teams. Using team and manager evaluations, Google identified 180 teams to study, including a mix of previously identified high- and low-performing teams. Factors reviewed included personality […]

What Really Matters When Providing Effective Feedback?

There is no dispute that feedback can be a great tool for activating development or improvements across the board

Driven Not Drained

Recent statistics suggest that more than 85 percent of people worldwide are disengaged from their jobs, and yet we spend almost half of our waking hours at work.

The Science Behind The DRiV

The DRiV is rooted in reputable research on what drives human behavior. Integrating streams of research from motivation, leadership, social psychology …

Time to Create a Development Plan!

As you are thinking about setting personal goals for the year, it is a great time to consider your career and development goals as well. It is easy to get into our routine and focus on the here and now, forgetting that we need to “own” our career. Yet, to really “own” our career, we need to be intentional in planning our career by creating and executing a development plan.

Going Virtual (Part 1): 4 Common Team Roles

By now, your team has likely moved to a completely remote environment. Gone are the days when teams and projects overlapped and bled into each other. You can no longer assume you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the project’s next steps when bumping

Doing What You Love? Loving What You Do?

Does your job inspire your passion – or merely occupy your attention? Our culture is wired to view work negatively (TGIF!) while paradoxically defining an individual’s success through his or her job. Here’s the mixed message: You are what you do – but don’t expect to like it!

Gaining 2020 Vision: 4 Keys to Leveraging Self-Awareness

This time of the year, attention shifts to making resolutions, taking personal inventories, or charting paths to greater self-awareness. While such contemplation can be healthy and motivating, it can also lead to paralysis, evidenced by inaction and non-productive navel-gazing. How can you move beyond self-awareness to the hard – yet satisfying and necessary – work of making changes? Here are four keys:

5 Tips for Mellowing Hyper-Perseverance

You enjoy powering through projects, obstacles and challenges – persevering is one of your core strengths – and one of the four core Adaptability Quotient (AQ) drivers.

Featured DRiV Consultant: Ann V. Deaton, PhD, PCC

A DRiV workshop at an IT consulting company helped employees explore and embrace their similarities and differences, contributing to increased self-awareness, engagement, and motivation.

Taking My Own Medicine

For most of us, it’s easy to notice the things that other people could be doing differently, but harder to objectively look at ourselves in the mirror.

What’s Your Delegation Style? 4 Common Drivers

Each of us has unique personality traits that can make delegation easier or harder. Knowing yourself makes it easier to share your strengths while managing your downsides. Here are four common drivers that can affect your delegation approach, with a coaching tip for each. Where do you fit?

The Commitment to Lead: Passion for Results

Individuals vary in what energizes and motivates them. As leaders, you can engage others and make them want to do well for you by learning to recognize and leverage what motivates members of your team.

Feeling Lucky? What’s Your Attitude at Work?

Around St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish get credited with embodying and enjoying an extra measure of luck. Even if you’re not a wee bit Irish, your attitude about luck could influence your career. How can you best leverage it for success?

Improving Artificial Intelligence When Coaching Employees

When coaching employees, even artificial intelligence could benefit from a boost of individualized attention.

5 Tips for Becoming an Executive Coach to your Team

At LWF, we work with a wide range of businesspeople and organizations interested in our executive coaching services. One misperception we sometimes hear is the belief that executive coaching should primarily focus on advancing that executive’s own career.

Resolutions & Motivations

The latest (Nov./Dec.) issue of Harvard Business Review features an article about motivating people, specifically related to goal setting (“Why You Should Stop Setting Easy Goals”). It focuses on challenges managers face when motivating a team: balancing goals that are high enough to challenge yet low enough to not cause discouragement.

Three Ways Gratitude Helps You

Around Thanksgiving, it’s natural to reflect on gratitude and its impact in our lives, including our relationships and careers.

Fostering Curiosity: 6 Tips to Buffer against Burnout

“Curiosity” is in the spotlight in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review (HBR) (September/October 2018), with several articles exploring aspects of this theme related to managing people, psychology, and leadership development. One key component of curiosity is a “growth mindset,” which drives engagement, resilience, and is a powerful buffer against burnout.

Purpose-Driven Organization

The power of a higher organizational purpose in motivating employees is discussed in the latest issue of Harvard Business Review (HBR) (July/August 2018) in a cover article titled “Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization”, written by Robert E. Quinn and Anjan V. Thakor.

Improving Coaching Conversations: Part 3 of 3

​In this final installment, we discuss how these conversations can be made even more effective by addressing the coachee’s values/drivers.

Leadership, Character Discussed at Business Special Interest Group

Next meeting scheduled for August 10. This SIG is sponsored by Leadership Worth Following (LWF), a Dallas-based leadership consulting firm.

Improving Coaching Conversations: Part 2 of 3

Part 2 will summarize two other scholarly perspectives on successful coaching conversations.

Improving Coaching Conversations: Part 1 of 3

Providing feedback is an essential part of the job description for a manager, leader, or coach; it can boost both individual and team performance. How can you improve the effectiveness of your coaching, to better create lasting growth?

Key Findings on Developing Ethical Leaders and Optimizing Teamwork Aided by New Personality Assessment Tool

Compelling new findings on ethical leadership and effective global teamwork will be presented at the upcoming Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) annual conference in Chicago April 19-21.

Newest Evolution of Personality Assessment Launched

In today’s competitive job market, companies are looking for ways to attract and retain employees while also maximizing their job engagement and performance.

Focusing Your Creatives’ Energy (Part 2 of 2)

While we all have our strengths and weaknesses, creative people present a unique challenge for many leaders. Case in point: type leading creatives into Google and you’ll see over 13.5 million results.

Identifying 3 Paradoxical Creative Types & Their Risks (Part 1 of 2)

Innovation is essential for staying competitive in the marketplace, so business leaders and researchers are increasingly interested in optimizing their organization’s creative talent. However, there are challenging paradoxes that arise as creatives and organizations seek to move from generating ideas to implementing and commercializing them.

6 Tips for Influencing Others

Leadership development requires knowing yourself first, then adapting your approach to different situations and people. These six tips offer advice:

9 Ways to Elevate Your Leadership Impact

Leadership development involves leaders knowing themselves and their team members, striving to bring out the best in each other. Here are nine practices leaders should always be doing:

Building Your Personal Leadership Brand

Your personal leadership brand is the sum of many actions and attitudes, starting with yourself but always considering others.

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