Keep Your People & Discovering Your Brand Webinar

Tuesday, June 27th from 10-11 AM EST

Learn how to maintain a productive and satisfied workplace. The best organizations understand their employee’s strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs. Robin Baker from Fairfax County and Hile Rutledge of OKA discuss how to leverage the DRiV assessment to discover these drivers in their teams.

In a quickly changing world with the impacts of the pandemic starting to be felt in every aspect of our daily lives, many people have been forced to rethink their employment, well-being, and motivations because of this stress. As people make these changes to their career, organizations must learn to adapt. In order to maintain a productive and satisfied workplace, the best organizations understand their employees’ strengths, weaknesses, wants, and needs. This information allows them to put their employees in a position to succeed, and achieve their organizational goals.

Hile Rutledge, OKA’s President and Principal Consultant, will be sitting down with Robin Baker, who leads Fairfax County, one of the nation’s largest school districts. We will discuss how they invested in learning about their employees, and how your organization can apply this knowledge too. In this interactive webinar with time for Q&A, you can you learn how people are driven by certain tasks, drained by others, and how to create an action plan for your organization to engage your employees.

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