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$2,000 NOW $1,800 
The DRiV Certification workshop is a two-day experience equipping the coach with a strong foundation in the DRiV and the ability to fully leverage the DRiV Suite of Tools. Certification Workshops qualify for 15 ICF CCE credits.
DRIV certifications are offered virtually and in-person by our world-class Training Partners at OKA. As an early practitioner in this brand new tool, OKA is passing along a 10% discount for all online DRiV certifications. Please use the discount code DRiV2023 when you checkout to redeem this offer.


Earn certification in an industry leading tool that assesses motivation, drivers, and drainers. OKA is the first organization to certify on the DRiV, and has created the certification course based on over 40+ years of experience in best-in-class tool certification. If you want to get the most out of your people, you need to know what drives them. What are they passionate about, where do they want to focus their energy, and what do they expect from themselves, others, and their job. Not everyone is driven in the same way. The DRiV enables you to capitalize on individual and collective drivers to help your people become better leaders, stronger team members, and more satisfied, productive employees. DRiV is a scientifically validated development tool that goes beyond basic self-awareness to understand the why behind the what.

OKA’s DRiV Certification Training Includes:

  • Assessment Report with your personal DRiV results
  • DRiV Technical Manual to help deepen your expertise
  • Expert Facilitator with deep technical and practical experience
  • Certification Materials to guide you through the workshop
  • Resource Library access to enable your continued success with the DRiV
  • Networking with other like-minded professionals
  • Premier Experience that attends to the details so you can learn, engage, and connect
  • Each participant will receive the opportunity to generate 3 DRiV leadership reports for free so you can get started utilizing the tool right away!

As with all OKA classes, the training is fast-paced, experiential, and always practical. As part of this certification course, you will learn how to run a half-day and full-day DRiV Motivation workshop. You will also receive PowerPoint slides in modifiable format, a DRiV workbook designed by OKA, and training resources (video clips, articles, etc.), that you can bring directly to organizations. You leave with more than a DRiV certification. You gain expert insights into motivation, drivers, and drainers, and you practice applying these insights to the most frequently encountered client situations.

Pre-work Required:

  1. Complete the DRiV assessment
  2. Review your DRiV report

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Receive online tutorial and take the DRiV assessment before the workshop
  • Learn and explore, through discussion and experiential exercises, the components of the DRiV model
  • Explore how to make each DRiV element actionable for your clients
  • Learn how to administer and coach the DRiV 360
  • Get extensive practice using the DRiV to address teambuilding, leadership and coaching development needs of your internal and external clients
  • Earn 15 ICF CCE credits (10 hours Core Competency and 5 hours Resource Development) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
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