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Are you creating a leadership development program focused on enhancing the leadership skills of your managers?

Psychological assessments help leaders increase their self-awareness and better understand their impact on others. In fact, by adding a high-quality assessment to your development program, you can boost the results of your program by 30%.

The DRiV is a 20-minute assessment that measures an individual’s motives, values, and habits — their drivers — and can help new leaders or transitioning leaders re-evaluate their style and behaviors, intentionally plan how they will be successful in their new leadership role, and increase their self- and other-awareness. It is a useful tool in helping leaders really understand and put into practice, “What got you here, won’t get you there.”

Are you considering how to support new leaders as they integrate into their teams?

40% of new leaders fail within the first 18 months. While they may excel at their technical knowledge, and have a history of high performance, new leaders are immersed in new complex roles and challenged with leading others, managing conflict, and translating strategy and priorities into execution.

Psychological assessments can help new leaders enhance their self- and other- awareness, or revisit their perceived strengths through the lens of their new role. This awareness can help new leaders create plans to increase their likelihood of success without solely relying on their past behaviors.

The DRiV is an excellent assessment to help leaders understand what drives and drains them, and how that translates into their behavior. And, by using the DRiV with a new leader and their hiring manager, they can understand how they are similar and different from one another, avoiding areas of potential conflict or blind spots, while aiding in communication and alignment.

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