5 Tips for Mellowing Hyper-Perseverance

You enjoy powering through projects, obstacles and challenges – persevering is one of your core strengths – and one of the four core Adaptability Quotient (AQ) drivers identified in our November 4 blog. A never-give-up mindset can be an asset in the workplace. If you’re a highly persistent person, the idea of “persevering despite conflicts, etc.” probably resonates strongly with you.

Risks of Hyper-Perseverance

But what are the downsides? If you’re not careful, such resolve can harden inflexibly into hyper-perseverance, until you’re telling yourself: “I can never give up, I cannot let anything distract me or get in my way.” This attitude can cause problems by sabotaging your own mental health and job performance – increasing your risk of burnout. Burnout was officially recognized as an “occupational phenomenon” by the World Health Organization earlier this year.

5 Tips to Mellow Out: Here are 5 tips to soften your hyper-perseverance:

1 – Consider your time, attention, and energy as finite, non-renewable resources to be managed carefully. Everyone hits a wall at some point, so don’t over-commit;

2 – Conserve your brain power by leveraging “brain dumps” frequently: using to-do lists, timelines, reminders, including utilizing technology tools.

3 – Beware the false productivity trap by evaluating your busyness against your accomplishments. What is the ROI on your time?

4 – Watch for tendency to “dig in your heels” and try even harder when you’re stuck. Instead, pause, take a step back, and consider other alternatives.

5 – Incorporate meditation and mindfulness practices to help de-clutter and focus your mind.


Are You At Risk?

What are your own attitudes and behaviors around hyper-perseverance? How are your AQ and leadership ability impacted? To learn more about your risk factors, strengths and vulnerabilities, consider taking our DRiV personality assessment. You’ll gain valuable insights into your own motivations for work and life.

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