Featured DRiV Consultant: Ann V. Deaton, PhD, PCC

“Bringing the DRiV assessment to this client was ideal because of where the eight participants were in their own career journeys. They are high-performing, high-potential employees who work hard and are very ambitious. This IT consulting company really values them and wants them there for the long term.

Supporting Career Growth

“Understanding what motivates them — and also what exhausts or drains them — was a support at this point in their careers. When I introduced the DRiV assessment, the group had already taken a 360-degree leadership assessment. They had received feedback from others about the positive impact they are having and also some areas for growth.

“The DRiV assessment was useful in helping them see how to grow without sacrificing what comes most naturally to each of them. Doing it together in a workshop was energizing. The buzz in the room was palpable. We did paired peer coaching activities where they could help one another take a deeper dive, sometimes around similar things in their assessments and sometimes around their differences.

Improving Self-Awareness

“Based on the participants’ takeaways at the end of the workshop, it was clear they were confident they now knew themselves better. I always see self-awareness as a strong foundation for any leader.

“It was useful for participants to see that they can use their drivers to perform tasks that typically drain them. For example, someone who is very low on Compliance and does not like doing tasks that require adhering to a specific process can choose to shift their perspective and view the task through the lens of one of their drivers like Collaboration, saying to themselves, “Following this process consistently will ensure that we are all clear about how we’re working together as we complete this project.” This is a powerful shift in perspective that makes it easier to engage fully and stay motivated.”

Ann V. Deaton - Featured DRiV Consultant

Ann V. Deaton, PhD, PCC
Managing Partner
The Bounce Collective
Richmond, Virginia

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