Self-Awareness, Mental Health and Career Satisfaction

Mental health involves self-awareness and understanding yourself. What are your needs and wants? What is your individual style? How about your strengths and opportunity areas? It also involves understanding what motivates you and what drains you. This is especially important at work, where we spend much of our time.

When we consider potential career paths, we often focus on what we are good at, including how our skills and experiences will fit with a particular role. But we also should be considering our motivations and our values. Will the role and the company fit with what we value? Will the role provide opportunities that motivate us and give us energy? Or will the role demand too many requirements that drain us?

While every job is a mix of motivators and drainers, ensuring we are filling our internal “buckets of satisfaction” at a rate faster than they are draining is a key to career longevity and success.

One employee on my team was offered an opportunity to move into a manager role. After much self-reflection and consideration, he declined. He understood what he loved doing most – what really engaged and motivated him – and he wanted to do more of that instead of managing people. This self-awareness and courage to make the right career decision impressed me. Despite pressure from the organization and external expectations, he knew what his right next career step should be.

Do you have enough self-awareness to be that intentional and discerning about your own career decisions? The DRiV is a 20-minute assessment that measures an individual’s motives, values, and habits – their drivers. This assessment can provide insight into what drives you and what drains you, helping inform thoughtful career decisions that will increase your satisfaction and engagement.


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