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The DRiV measures what people are passionate about. It’s the next step in the evolution of personality assessment – grounded in decades of research on motives and values – that identifies what people believe they should do, what they want to do, and what they actually do within a given context. The result is deeper, more comprehensive insights.

Easy Assessment Process:

Simply log onto the DRiV survey from any internet-enabled device (e.g., personal computer, tablet, or smartphone). In 15 to 20 minutes, users answer 170 questions on a five-point Likert-type scale – from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.

Accessible Report:

After the survey, a detailed report is generated including the user’s DRiV Profile and a ranking of their 28 drivers. The report addresses both the upsides and downsides of each Profile and driver, including possible risk factors and blindspots. Using jargon-free language that is understandable, relatable, and non-offensive, the report also includes work-specific suggestions for maximizing job performance and satisfaction.

Click here for a sample DRiV report.

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